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Theater In The Now (link):

"The breakout stars of Rush were Lauren Nordvig as Alice and Charley Flyte as Rosie. [...] Flyte gave Rosie a gruffness with an exterior that seemed hard to crack yet there was something deep inside. Just the way Flyte carried herself around the stage and how she stood and spoke brought great depth and insight to the character."


Full of IT: Insights from The Innovative Theatre Foundation and the OOB community (link):

"What was the most challenging part of working on this production?
Yvonne [Hartung, Producer]: The realization that none of us knew any performers who identified as Native American or First Nations to play the role of Rosie, a First Nations character, was the most challenging part of working on this production. It speaks to the lack of opportunity for native performers in this country. We broadened our network, asking friends of friends of friends to find performers to audition and were finally able to find a great actress, Charley Flyte, to play Rosie."

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